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About AVID

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)

AVID’s mission is to close the opportunity gap by preparing all students for college and career readiness and success in a global society. 

AVID is an opt-in program intended for students who want to be in AVID and are willing to do the work necessary to prepare for their own future success. This is primarily accomplished through the AVID Elective course. The AVID Elective classes offer students the academic, social, and emotional support to succeed in a more rigorous academic program than they may have undertaken on their own. AVID was created for the students who have the desire to go to college, but may need additional support in order to get there. AVID classes are g-electives for CSU/UC a-g requirements. AVID students include potential first generation college students, students from historically underrepresented groups on college campuses, students from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds, as well as top performing students. 92% of all AVID seniors in California completed the 4-year college entrance requirements. Additional opportunities for college exploration, team building, and fun are provided through a joint effort of the AVID Elective and AVID Club. All students enrolled in the AVID Elective are members of AVID Club. AVID at Vista del Lago endeavors to be a family that will provide students with the opportunities, supports, and tools needed they need to maximize their potential, forge their own path and thrive in the world they live and the one that awaits them.  

If you are an incoming freshman or a current freshman interested in joining AVID complete the AVID Application. 

AVID Application