Vista del Lago High School

English Department Information Letter



Humanity achieves lasting success through mastery of the communication skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  Through exposure to a common core of knowledge, students develop an awareness of the power of language.  Thus, we stress an integrated approach to communication skills, with quality literature at the center of the curriculum.  We recognize reading and writing as ongoing processes which are honed in an organized program through continuing practice, appreciation, and evaluation.  The companion skills, listening and speaking, also stressed in this English program, contribute to a greater depth and breadth of student understanding.  Our program encourages each student to become responsible for his or her own education.



Vista del Lago High School is committed to maintaining academic honesty.  We want all students to complete assignments and projects to the best of their capabilities. All work they turn in for the current school year must be original to them, as it is a reflection of their understanding and hard work. We frown upon any dishonest activities when we instill in our students the importance of academic integrity. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to


  • Plagiarism: Plagiarism is intentionally or knowingly presenting the words, ideas, or work of others as one’s own work. This includes copying homework, using work or a portion of work written or created by another without crediting the source, or paraphrasing the work of another without giving credit;
  • Click and Print: Copying and using internet resources and computer data without crediting the source;
  • Cheating During Exams: Exam cheating includes unauthorized “cheat sheets,” copying from another student, looking at another student’s exam, or opening books when not authorized to do so;
  • Unauthorized use of students’ aids: This includes using old work, having another student do the assigned work, or using any material or equipment not authorized by the instructor.



Arkosy, Irene

Byers, Bradley

Blackmon, Julie

Caban, Koren

Carrio, Janie*

Epstein, Adam

Espinoza-Rathbun, Jacqueline

Francis, John                  

Francis, Trenquilla                  

Sanchez, Briana

Harkins, Jennifer

Haro, Bernadette

Heck, Felicia                

Lemons, Christee

Miralles, Kenneth

De Rosa, Ryan

Wilmot, Elizabeth