Health Careers
Vista del Lago's Health Academy program is a 4 year program funded by California Partnership Academy and Health Science Capacity Building Grants. This innovative program is designed to give the students an overview of the human body, its functions, health care, career options and a capstone course in one of seven areas that prepare the student to work in health care.

This pathway prepares students to go into careers which will enhance, sustain or improve the physical wellness of the community in a variety of healthcare settings.

Students may be enrolled in the Pre-Academy program as freshmen but must apply in January of the freshman year to enroll in the Academy program. Academy students are expected to maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher along with passing their pathway electives with a C or better.

Please find the Pre-Academy application attached. This must be turned in to be considered a Pre-Academy student. Pre-Academy students do recieve priority points in the application process for the Health Academy for 10th grade.

Also included below is the Health Academy application for the 10th and 11th grade Academy program. The application needs signed by the parent/guardian and students and turned in to Mrs. Dolan in room A155. The teacher recommendations can be completed online by any Vista del Lago Teacher. Applications are accepted between December 10th and January 31st. Interviews of Health Academy Candidates are conducted at the beginning of February.