Information Systems and Business Pathway
The Vista Del Lago High School
Business Pathway Proposal
To provide opportunities for integrating academic and occupational related instruction required in reaching the high standards for success in American business. Vista Del Lago High School Business Pathway will provide opportunities for integrating academic and occupation related instruction in the area of entrepreneurial arts and sciences.

The goal is to prepare students to manage and own business enterprises in a 21st century global economy. Students will gain an understanding of successful business practices including finance, investment, research and development, growth, sales and returns of investments. It will be designed as a theme-based high school curriculum in which students stay with a group of teachers over integrated curriculum cycles to create a supportive learning environment. Partnerships and mentor programs with local businesses and employers will provide connections between school and work.

The Vista Del Lago High School Business Pathway will be created with a partnership program. Some ideas of partners are: Moreno Valley Chamber of Commerce, Visterra Credit Union and Inland Empire Minority Business Enterprise Center. Businesses assist in providing high-quality education to prepare students for continuing their education and their career.

Pathway Concepts:
  • Comprehensive business training
  • Career exploration
  • School-within-a-school
  • Hands-on learning
  • Integrated curriculum
  • Comprehensive business training
  • Education relevant to the workplace
  • Team approach to instruction
  • Emphasis on skills and competencies
    Technical Skills:
  • Accounting procedures
  • Word processing
  • Database operations
  • Spreadsheet development
  • Desktop publishing and layout
  • Internet
  • Office machines operation
  • Keyboarding

  • Job Readiness Skills:
  • Team building
  • Business communications
  • Interviewing
  • Resume writing
  • Problem solving
  • Business values and ethics
  • Human relations
  • Adapting to change
    An Exciting Way to Learn:
  • Student mentoring
  • Work-site training
  • Job shadowing
  • Guest speakers
  • Field trips
  • Student recognition
    Sequence of Courses:
    Web Design
    Students will use a Web editor, Microsoft FrontPage to create dynamic online documents. The course will cover use of graphics, manipulation for the purpose of design, electronic media and the Internet as a research tool.

    Algebra 1
    Students develop an understanding of the symbolic language of mathematics and the sciences. In addition, algebraic skills and concepts are developed and used in a wide variety of problem-solving situations.

    Accounting 1A/1B
    Students will learn the fundamental principles of double-entry accounting and establishing and maintaining financial records for business.

    Accounting 2A/2B
    Students will apply business and math concepts through realistic business simulations.

    Students will master fundamental economic concepts while applying the tools (graphs, statistics, equations) from other subject areas to the understanding of the operations and institutions of economic systems.

    ROP Retail Sales & Marketing
    Experience and skills needed to obtain employment in a variety of retail stores and in the fashion industry.

    Additional Requirements:
  • Students must meet all graduation requirements
  • Students make a full-year commitment on an annual basis
  • Students who do not continue in the program return to their regular classes

  • Please contact one of the teachers below for more information.